Transcatheter mitral valve therapies: new rings, anchors and techniques

Chairperson: R. Kornowski
Co-chairperson: K.H. Kuck

Learning Objectives

  • To obtain an update upon new catheter-based mitral valve devices and techniques
  • To understand the current research and development and investigational status of novel mitral procedures
  • To recognise pre-clinical and/or clinical experiences of the new mitral devices

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Overview - Mitral insufficiency treated using catheters: the rationale for transcatheter repair
  • Valtech/Cardioband
  • VALcare
  • Mitralign
  • Neochord
  • Cephea
  • MVRx
  • Mitral Bridge
  • Session evaluation and key learnings