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Advances in PCI procedural technique

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2016 late-breaking trial submissions

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  • The first report of a prospective, controlled, randomised, open-labelled, multicentre, clinical study “rap and beat trial” to evaluate safety and e...
  • What is the better stent and the better access for the treatment of the left main in the era of second-generation DES? Insights from FAILS-2, a mul...
  • Upper extremity function post-transradial (TR)-PCI: interim results
  • Sealing intermediate non-obstructive coronary SVG lesions with DES as a new approach to maintaining vein graft patency and reducing cardiac events:...
  • Impact of coronary CT angiography on planning of bifurcation PCI
  • Structural damage of jailed guidewire during the treatment of coronary bifurcations: a microscopic randomised trial