Belgium and Scotland share their most educational cases: coronary complications

With the collaboration of the Belgian Working Group of Interventional Cardiology (BWGIC) and the Interventional Working Group of the Scottish Cardiac Society

Chairpersons: W. Desmet, H. Eteiba

Learning Objectives

  • To understand spontaneous coronary dissection and appreciate the complexity of managing STEMI early post-CABG and aortic valve replacement
  • To learn about possible technical defects of stent delivery systems and share the experience of treating left main occlusion and haemodynamic collapse following non-coronary intervention
  • To learn about problems with coronary stents protruding in the aorta and reflect on the significance of unusual angiographic appearance and subsequent recurrent STEMI

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Case 1: burning down the house - managing left main occlusion and haemodynamic collapse post-radiofrequency ablation
  • Case 2: spontaneous coronary dissection: from bad to worse
  • Case 3: sound of silence - managing inferior STEMI with early prosthetic aortic valve replacement thrombosis
  • Case 4: fracture of a stent delivery system
  • Case 5: caught in a trap - unexpected finding leading to recurrent STEMI
  • Case 6: a previously stented coronary ostium, an open door? Or not?
  • Session evaluation and key learnings