Cardioband: clinical reality for mitral and tricuspid valve repair

Sponsored by Valtech Cardio

Chairpersons: E. Grube, K.H. Kuck
React@PCR Moderator: S. Cannata


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Learning Objectives

  • To understand how to perform mitral repair in patients with functional mitral regurgitation
  • To learn more about case examples of the Cardioband procedures
  • To learn about the evolution of Cardioband for treating heart failure

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • 24-month results and clinical studies update
  • 100 patients: lessons learned
  • Recorded case from Mainz University (Universitatsmedizin Mainz) - Mainz, Germany
  • Cardioband, synergetic with other treatments
  • Echo Guidance: following the anatomy and physiology
  • Tricuspid repair with Cardioband
  • Session evaluation and key learnings