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Apr 2017

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7-9 Apr 2017
PCR Tokyo Valves 2017



May 2017

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16-19 May 2017
EuroPCR 2017



Challenges in TAVI in Asia

With the collaboration of AsiaPCR, PCR-CIT China Chengdu Valves and PCR Tokyo Valves


Facilitators: C.K. Naber, N. Piazza
Speakers: C.K. Naber, R. Mohd Ali, M.K.Y. Lee, M. Chen, S. Saito, K. Hayashida, P.H.L. Kao, N. Piazza
Panellists: M. Chen, K. Hayashida, P.H.L. Kao, M.K.Y. Lee, R. Mohd Ali, S. Saito

Watch the session video on challenges in TAVI in Asia, during EuroPCR 2016.

Learning Objectives

  • To appreciate particular challenges for percutaneous treatment of aortic valve stenosis in Asia
  • To discuss with experts about challenging transfemoral TAVI cases and potential solutions
  • To exchange with colleagues on daily practice of TAVI in Asia