Complications and clinical cases - Session 3

Facilitators: R. Ferraresi, P. Musialek

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  • Complete acute thrombosis of abdominal aortic aneurysm. A successful case of percutaneous endovascular treatment
  • Treatment of severe subclavian artery stenosis with jailed balloon, filter protection and reactive hyperaemia techniques
  • Retrograde dorsalis pedis access to treat a severely calcified anterior tibial artery in patient affected by critical limb ischemia
  • Endovascular neobranching to manage acute aortic syndrome
  • How does one treat an 86-year-old woman with critical limb ischaemia and previous femoral neck fracture who now suffers from bilateral iliac arteri...
  • Case report: endovascular approach to critical limb ischaemia after all attempts of open reconstruction failed
  • Recanalisation of an iatrogenic occlusion of the external iliac artery
  • Acute lower limb ischaemia in chronic peripheral disease treated by combined anterograde and retrograde approach
  • Percutaneous treatment of hemorrhagic shock after endovascular aneurysm repair