DES for selected angiographic subsets

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2016 abstract submissions

Chairperson: R.J. Van Geuns

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  • Treatment of severely calcified coronary lesions in patients with ACS using newer-generation DES: two-year clinical outcome
  • Two-year clinical outcome in 1,811 all-comers treated with novel coronary DES in at least one small vessel vs. larger sized vessels only
  • Five-year clinical outcomes in a real-world population of patients with long coronary lesions treated with the 38mm cobalt-chromium everolimus-elut...
  • Impact of severe target lesion calcification on the outcome of patients with stable angina pectoris treated with newer-generation permanent polymer...
  • Clinical impact of various types of stent on long-term prognosis of patients with vasospastic angina
  • Small vessel treatment with novel newer-generation DES in all-comers: which threshold is most appropriate for defining small coronary vessels?