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Functional assessment of coronary stenosis: from invasive to non-invasive

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2016 abstract submissions

Chairperson: G. Ducrocq
Panellists: S. Doucet, P. Ong, S. Sen

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  • Increased dose of adenosine does not improve accuracy in FFR
  • Clinical implications of guiding extubation during FFR measurements
  • Impact of diabetes on contrast-based FFR performance
  • Impact of diabetes on contrast-based FFR performance
  • Feasibility and diagnostic precision of in-procedure computed FFR: the Wire-free Invasive Functional Imaging (WIFI) study
  • FFR prediction model based on conventional quantitative coronary angiography and the amount of myocardium subtended by an intermediate coronary art...
  • An FFR CT diagnostic strategy vs. usual care in patients with suspected coronary artery disease planned for coronary angiography at German sites: r...