GRCI@EuroPCR - Rotational atherectomy: an old friend always within your reach

With the collaboration of the Groupe de Réflexion sur la Cardiologie Interventionnelle (GRCI)

Chairpersons: P. Aubry, J. Monsegu
Panellists: K. Boughalem, B. Livarek

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the role of plaque debulking
  • To share experience on rotational atherectomy
  • To learn how to prevent complications

Presentations available when logged in:

  • EuroPCR welcomes GRCI
  • Session objectives
  • Rationale for primary and bailout rotational atherectomy
  • Tips and tricks for a safe rotablation
  • How to avoid and how to manage complications with rotablation?
  • Present and future of the rotational atherectomy
  • Session evaluation and key learnings