Infra renal abdominal aneurysm

With the collaboration of the ESC Working Group on Aortic and Peripheral circulation

Chairpersons: M.J. Bosiers, F. Fanelli
Evaluators: S. Ewen, R. Ferraresi
Operators: B. Honton, A. Sauguet
Control Desk: F. Della Rosa


Consult the session video on infra renal abdominal aneurysm, which includes a LIVE demonstration from Clinique Pasteur - Toulouse, France.

Clinical Case

A 81-year-old female with infra renal abdominal aneurysm:

  • Main bifurcated prosthesis ascend from right femoral
  • Contralateral limb from left femoral

Learning Objectives

  • To discuss what is the standard percutaneous treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysm

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Overview of the tools to be used during the LIVE demonstration