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Innovation and new evidence in OCT and vessel preparation to achieve better patient outcomes

EBAC Accredited Educational Programme - Programme supported by an unrestricted educational grant from ST. JUDE MEDICAL AND ORBUSNEICH

Chairperson: C. Tamburino
Co-Chairperson: T. Adriaenssens
Evaluators: F. Malik, G. Nickenig
React@PCR Moderator: A. Mangiamelli
Operators: J. Fajadet, B. Farah
Control Desk: I. Briede

Learning Objectives

  • To see the benefits of the latest OCT technology and learn about the clinical evidence supporting the use of OCT in complex lesions
  • To understand where lesion preparation with a scoring balloon can improve outcomes in complex situations
  • To discover the value of OCT in scaffold implantation

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Why OCT is a valuable tool for decision making before DES and BRS implantation?
  • Why vessel preparation with a scoring balloon is key before DES or BRS implantation
  • Why OCT is a valuable tool to reduce late failure in DES and BRS?
  • Recorded case from Righspitalet - Copenhagen, Denmark