LIVE demonstration: TAVI using new adjunctive technologies

LIVE demonstration from Clinique Pasteur - Toulouse, France (2016)

Chairpersons: J. Fajadet, S. Windecker
Control Desk: M.Z. Khawaja
React@PCR Moderator: J. Joseph
Speaker: C. Tamburino


Consult this session video on TAVI using new adjunctive technologies, which includes a LIVE demonstration from Clinique Pasteur - Toulouse, France.

Clinical case

A 85-year-old female with aortic stenosis:

  • Transfemoral access
  • Cerebral protection device
  • Without pre-dilatation

Learning Objectives

  • To learn more about the latest data from randomised controlled trials and registries concerning the durability of bioprosthetic valves
  • To fully understand the important statistical considerations when interpreting long term outcome data in current TAVI recipients
  • To appreciate the important difference between clinical and device-related endpoints and the need for a standardised definition of bioprosthetic valve durability and failure

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Overview of the tools to be used during the LIVE demonstration