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Novel stents and scaffolds from Asia

Learning Objectives

  • To become familiar with stent, scaffold that have been developed in Asia
  • To learn about potential indications and specific techniques for deployment of novel stents and scaffolds
  • To appreciate the potential of nanotechnologies for novel drug delivery systems in development

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Firesorb: poly-L-lactide-based fully bioresorbable scaffold with thinner strut and target sirolimus-eluting
  • Polymer-free nanoporous sirolimus-eluting stent
  • NeoVas fully-biodegradable sirolimus-eluting scaffold
  • Sirolimus-eluting fully bioresorbable scaffold with mixed poly-L-lactide / poly-D-lactide
  • MeRes 100: fully bioresorbable poly-L-lactide scaffold eluting-sirolimus
  • Nanomicrosphere for drug-elution
  • Session evaluation and key learnings