PCI of LAD with FFR and QFR measurement

Operators: T. Hovasse, T. Lefèvre


Panellists: M. Balghith, G. Cassel, B. De Bruyne, V. Farooq, H.C. Gwon, G. Tarantini

Watch this session if you want to learn more about PCI of LAD with FFR and QFR measurement, which includes a LIVE demonstration from the Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris Sud - Massy, France.

Clinical case

A 65-year-old male with de novo typical chest pain:

  • Ramus culprit lesion has been treated
  • Proximal and distal lesion of LAD
  • Comparison of FFR and QFR  measurement pre- and post-stenting

Learning Objectives

  • To discuss similarities, differences and controversies of pertinent stable coronary artery disease / revascularisation guidelines
  • To identify key elements in decision-making
  • To discuss management optimisation of stable multivessel disease patients

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • How physiology can impact clinical management and procedural strategy
  • Overview of the tools to be used during the LIVE demonstration
  • Which patient characteristics impact management decisions?
  • Session evaluation and key learnings