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PCR's Got Talent - round 1: clinical and angiographic subsets in PCI

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2016 abstract submissions

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Utility of slow-speed rotational atherectomy in patients with severe left ventricular dysfunction undergoing PCI
  • Non-invasive coronary CT angiography-based Heart Team assessment using the SYNTAX score II for the selection of the revascularisation strategy in p...
  • IVUS-guided wiring of ostial coronary CTO: a single-centre experience
  • Dedicated paclitaxel-eluting bifurcation stent for unprotected left main coronary artery disease: a single-centre experience
  • Long-term impact of proximal left anterior descending artery lesions in patients with three-vessel and / or left main coronary artery disease: a pa...
  • Complications in unstable patients referred to complex PCI when rotational atherectomy and bivaluridin are used
  • Determinants of PCI success in repeat procedures following a failed initial attempt in CTO
  • Percutaneous coronary revascularisation for CTO: a novel predictive score of technical failure
  • Prevalence of ischaemia in patients with a CTO and preserved left ventricular ejection fraction
  • Long-term outcomes of an octogenarian cohort whom underwent rotational atherectomy during complex PCI
  • Factors influencing operator's decision for same-day discharge after PCI
  • Outcomes of re-attempt PCI for CTO: two-year data from RETROGRADE SUMMIT registry
  • Long-term outcomes of PCI and CABG in patients with unprotected left main coronary artery disease: a pooled analysis of individual patient level da...
  • Intervention rates and outcomes of CTO in comparison to other types of coronary artery disease
  • Outcomes of orbital atherectomy in patients with severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction
  • FFR compared with angiographic estimation of coronary artery disease: impact of diabetes
  • Clinical and angiographic profile, and management trends in patients presenting with coronary CTOs in a tertiary care centre in South India
  • Change of anticoagulant therapy in rotational atherectomy in a population at high cardiovascular risk
  • Clinical and angiographic one-year outcomes of mini-crush stenting for the treatment of true coronary bifurcations in an all-comer population