Pharmaco-invasive strategy for STEMI: worldwide perspective

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the current role of thrombolytic therapy in the treatment of STEMI
  • To discuss how to optimise the use of pharmaco-invasive strategy in a non-PCI capable hospital
  • To appraise when and how to apply PCI after lysis

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Case 1: how should I treat? Clinical scenario: high-risk early anterior myocardial infarction with an anticipated significant transfer delay to PCI...
  • How would I treat this patient in India?
  • How would I treat this patient in Africa?
  • How would I treat this patient in South-East Asia?
  • How did I treat?
  • Pharmaco-invasive treatment of STEMI: the evidence "STREAM and beyond"
  • How to reduce bleeding risk in pharmaco-invasive strategy?
  • Session evaluation and key learnings