Planned and ongoing clinical trials: a status update from the Cardiovascular Research Centre (CRC)

With the collaboration of Cardiovascular Research Center (CRC)

Learning Objectives

  • To be updated on planned or ongoing clinical trials that may change our future practice
  • To gain in-depth understanding of trial design and execution
  • To learn about upcoming milestones for trial recruitment, analysis and presentation plan

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Innovative metallic DES clinical programmes: DISCOVERY, MERIT series - IBiOSS, BIOFREEDOM FIM/EGO, REVELUTION
  • Next-generation BRS clinical trials: DESOLVE, MIRAGE FIM, PHANTOM, MERES
  • Applying customised OCT methodologies to evaluate different BRS
  • First-in-man studies to evaluate new transcatheter valve replacement systems: Symetis ACURATE I / NAUTILUS / Millipede IRIS / M VALVE DOCK I
  • Session evaluation and key learnings