Restoring the balance in atrial fibrillation stroke prophylaxis with LAA occlusion: how to prevent strokes while avoiding bleeds

Sponsored by ST. JUDE MEDICAL

Chairperson: H. Sievert
Co-Chairperson: D. Hildick-Smith


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Learning Objectives

  • To understand which patients may benefit from LAA occlusion based on recent developments, guidelines and consensus statements
  • To learn about implanting LAA occlusion devices
  • To know how to start a LAA occlusion programme and how to get patients referred

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Patient selection: should we change our practice based on new data?
  • LAA anatomy; the LAA is unique as a fingerprint, how to close those successfully?
  • How to treat the untreatable; what are the options?
  • How to successfully build a referral LAA practice? Involving referrals is key, but how to do that?