Rotablation of LAD


Panellists: M. Balghith, C. Cook, C. Dubois, A. Gershlick, J. Koolen and M. Strozzi

Consult the session video on rotablation of LAD with LIVE demonstration from St. Thomas' Hospital - London, United Kingdom.

Clinical Case

A 80-year-old male with inferior STEMI in March 2016:

  • PPCI of RCA is done
  • FFR measurement of LCX and LAD
  • Rotablation of LAD

Learning Objectives

  • To learn about the different revascularisation strategies during primary PCI for multivessel disease
  • To understand how to assess residual ischaemia in patients with multivessel disease who have undergone primary PCI
  • To know more about the evidence for complete revascularisation in this setting