Rotary ablation for heavily calcified stenosis

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2016 abstract submissions

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  • Rotational atherectomy in the DES era: a single-centre experience
  • The comparison of strategies to prepare severely calcified coronary lesions: rotational atherectomy vs. cutting balloon
  • Long-term outcomes of patients undergoing rotational atherectomy due to failed PCI depend on the reason of primary intervention failure
  • Establishing interventional technologies to treat non-dilatable stents: an expanding role for excimer coronary laser?
  • Coronary rotational atherectomy during TAVI: immediate and long-term results of a consecutive series
  • Long-term clinical outcome of early-generation vs. new-generation DES in patients undergoing rotational atherectomy
  • Direct stenting after orbital atherectomy