Stroke post-TAVI: predictors and preventives

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2016 abstract submissions

Chairperson: R. Makkar

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  • Prevalance and etiopathology of thromboembolic debris during transcather interventional aortic valve replacement: preliminary results of the SENTIN...
  • Silent cerebral injury after TAVI and the preventive role of embolic protection devices: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  • A diffused-weighted-magnetic resonance imaging and multislice CT study to assess predictors of cerebral embolism during TAVI
  • Subclinical brain infarctions but not cerebrovascular microembolic events after TAVI negatively impact cognitive function and cerebral morphology i...
  • LAA thrombus in TAVI: prevalence, clinical impact and the role of cardiac CT
  • Procedural and clinical predictors for 30-day stroke rate after transfemoral TAVI