Technical challenges in percutaneous mitral edge-to-edge repair: learning from difficult cases

Chairpersons: T. Feldman, G. Nickenig
React@PCR Moderator: C. Allen

Learning Objectives

  • To be updated on the results of percutaneous edge-to-edge repair and the determinants of success / failure
  • To understand the technical difficulties which may be encountered during percutaneous edge-to-edge repair
  • To identify strategies to overcome difficult anatomy in percutaneous treatment of mitral regurgitation

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Case 1: clipping after failed percutaneous repair
  • Case 2: clipping after failed surgical repair
  • Case 3: Barlow disease
  • Case 4: extreme tethering in secondary mitral regurgitation
  • Case 5: clipping in cardiogenic shock
  • Session evaluation and key learnings