The Portico valve: where expertise meets simplicity. Please join us for case studies to learn more about the true ease of use advantages in prep, placement and control of this system

Sponsored by ST. JUDE MEDICAL

Chairperson: R. Makkar
Co-Chairperson: G. Manoharan

Learning Objectives

  • To understand how a novel technology - Portico - is addressing current therapy pitfalls
  • To learn about use of Portico valve for challenging femoral access and how it optimises treatment of complex clinical scenarios
  • To learn more about the aortic replacement and master tips and tricks in a real case simulation

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Case 1: unique case without arterial introducer sheaths in patients with reduced-caliber, tortuous and calcified vessels by using the new-generatio...
  • Case 2: the use of Portico valve in challenging femoral accesses
  • Case 3: Portico valve - how a recapturable system designed for positioning accuracy is changing the game in highly challenging cases
  • Case 4: why is Portico valve the choice in patient with severe coronary artery disease