The Synergy stent: expanding treatment options in complex PCI


Chairperson: K.G. Oldroyd
Co-Chairperson: F.J. Neumann

Learning Objectives

  • To recognise how biodegradable polymer DES design may impact DAPT duration and clinical outcomes
  • To learn how the Synergy stent is being used in complex patient subsets
  • To understand the current clinical evidence, latest available clinical data and interventional cardiology pipeline

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Case 1: biodegradable polymer DES in bifurcation lesion
  • Case 2: FFR assessment in multivessel PCI
  • Case 3: biodegradable polymer DES in left main PCI
  • Case 4: the European experience with hybrid approach in CTO PCI - the RECHARGE registry
  • Building the next chapter in complex PCI : biodegradable polymer DES, fully resorbable stent and beyond
  • Session evaluation and key learnings