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Vulnerable plaque: future directions


Panellists: T. Akasaka, K. Al-Shaibi, V. Farooq, D. Holmes, P.G. Steg and R. Virmani

Consult the session video on vulnerable plaque: future directions from EuroPCR 2016.

Learning Objectives

  • To get an update on novel invasive and non-invasive imaging tools to detect vulnerable plaque
  • To become familiar with the new developments in hybrid intravascular imaging
  • To gain insights about innovative endovascular approaches of plaque sealing

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Non-invasive imaging: for screening and preclinical diagnosis
  • Lessons learnt from the first applications of hybrid intravascular imaging modalities
  • Attention to the non-culprit lesion: is it hot or cold? To treat or not to treat?
  • Trials supporting the invasive sealing of high-risk lesions: status update
  • Session evaluation and key learnings