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ANZET@EuroPCR - Interventional cardiology in the very elderly: coping with the challenges of anno domini

With the collaboration of the Australia and New Zeland Endovascular Therapies Meeting (ANZET)

Chairpersons: M.C. Morice, J. Stewart
Panellists: D. Muller, D. Walters

Learning Objectives

  • To learn how to assess frailty in our elderly patients
  • To understand the impact of frailty on outcome of coronary and structural interventions
  • To discover tips and tricks for improving outcomes of intervention in the very elderly

Presentations available when logged in:

  • EuroPCR welcomes ANZET
  • Assessment of frailty and cognitive function
  • TAVI in the very elderly: where is the tipping point between risk and benefit?
  • What is the role of advanced age in Complex Higher-Risk (and Indicated) Patients (CHIP)? How can we minimise its effect?
  • STEMI and primary PCI in octogenarians and older