Application of the ILUMIEN III PCI optimisation criteria in the real world

EBAC Accredited Educational Programme - Programme supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Abbott

Chairpersons: T. Johnson, L. Räber
Panellists: Z. Ali, U. Landmesser
Medical Control Desk: M. Orzalkiewicz
React@PCR Moderator: M. Orzalkiewicz

Learning Objectives

  • To understand through ILUMIEN III how OCT helps optimising patient outcomes in daily practice
  • To experience through a LIVE case an OCT-guided PCI
  • To gain insights into future advances in OCT-guided optimisation

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • ILUMIEN III: from clinical outcomes to new optimisation criteria
  • Does ILUMIEN III change my practice?
  • ILUMIEN IV: what is the future of OCT guidance in PCI?
  • Session evaluation and key learnings