Belarus and Kazakhstan share their most educational cases: technical and tactical challenges in patients with STEMI: why, when, how?

With the collaboration of the Belarusian Society of Endovascular Surgery and Interventional Cardiology and the Society of interventional cardiologists of Kazakhstan

Chairpersons: O. Sakhov, V. Stelmashok

Learning Objectives

  • To discuss the different revascularisation strategies in STEMI patients
  • To discuss if aspiration thrombectomy is still a valid option
  • To discuss tips and tricks in the setting of complex PCI

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Case 1: rotational atherectomy in primary PCI for heavy culprit lesion
  • Case 2: coronary artery spasm as cause of STEMI
  • Case 3: emergency left main stenting with thrombaspiration in patient with STEMI and cardiogenic shock
  • Case 4: is there still place for thrombus aspiration in patients with STEMI?
  • Case 5: a case of simultaneous stenting of left main, right coronary artery CTO and common iliac arteries in a patient with STEMI and cardiogenic s...
  • Case 6: how justified is PCI in late presenters with STEMI?
  • Session evaluation and key learnings