CTO, innovative approaches

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2017 clinical case submissions

Chairperson: A.R. Galassi

Presentations available when logged in:

  • CTO PCI: IVUS-guided wire re-entry when both ante/retrograde attempts failed
  • "Power knuckle" KOs complex right coronary artery occlusion
  • Guide extension facilitated reverse controlled antegrade retrograde dissection reentry technique for the treatment of a bifurcation CTO in a patien...
  • CHAMELEON technique without contralateral angiography for the treatment of CTO
  • Side door solution for stumpless and unseen distal target in CTO lesion: when simplicity overcomes the complexity
  • Tandem bifurcation CTO of left anterior descending artery in a patient post-coronary artery bypass grafting treated with double retrograde access
  • Tandem right coronary artery CTO approached by ipsilateral retrograde and antegrade method with "ping-pong" technique