Case-based learning for the Heart Valve Team: alternative access for TAVI

Chairpersons: A. Colombo, O. Wendler
React@PCR Moderator: H. McConkey

Learning Objectives

  • To appreciate the remaining limitations of transfemoral access for TAVI
  • To learn more about established and emerging access routes for non-femoral TAVI
  • To learn how to select the optimal mode of access for TAVI in your everyday clinical practice

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Femoral and non-femoral access for TAVI: state-of-the-art 2017
  • Case 1: challenging transfemoral access
  • Case 2: transapical access
  • Case 3: transaxillary access
  • Case 4: transcarotid access
  • Case 5: transcaval access