Case-based learning for the Heart Valve Team: imaging for aortic valve intervention

Chairpersons: P. Lancellotti, D. Mylotte
React@PCR Moderator: M. Akodad

Learning Objectives

  • To learn how to optimise the use of imaging in your everyday clinical practice
  • To fully understand how detailed imaging can optimise the outcomes of percutaneous aortic valve intervention
  • To appreciate the fundamental role of imaging in the prediction and management of procedural complications

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Imaging for aortic valve intervention: guidelines and state-of-the-art 2017
  • A patient with a bicuspid valve
  • A patient with low flow - low gradient aortic stenosis
  • A patient requiring valve-in-valve intervention
  • A patient with a degenerating TAVI device
  • Session evaluation and key learnings