Clinical Research Forum on device-based therapies for hypertension – Update from the Clinical Consensus Conference on Device-based Hypertension Therapies

With the collaboration of the Practical Course on Hypertension (PCH)

Chairpersons: M.D. Lobo, K. Tsioufis
Panellists: C.T. Chin, C. Ukena

Learning Objectives

  • To discuss challenges and hurdles in patient recruitment for clinical trials
  • To exchange successful patient communication strategies (including patient informed consent)
  • To understand common and specific features of devices for hypertension treatment

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Why are current trials recruiting slowly and how to increase recruitment rates?
  • Considerations of medication wash-out and sham procedure and how to communicate this with patients?
  • Different devices for different patient populations: from carotid bulb restoration and carotid body denervation to renal denervation and arterioven...