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Complex patients with multivessel disease - From triage of patient to treatment: the future is now

Sponsored by Boston Scientific and GE Healthcare

Chairpersons: M. Gilard, K.G. Oldroyd
React@PCR Moderator: Q. Labarre
Recorded cases: P. Garot, K.G. Oldroyd

Learning Objectives

  • To understand how CTA and Syntax III score could impact the decision making between surgery and PCI
  • To understand how to select and execute the optimal techniques for percutaneous revascularisation of complex left main and multivessel disease
  • To understand how to accurately plan the LAA closure intervention from a CT scanner and how to improve safety, and reduce procedure time and contrast media with image fusion

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Complex PCI/CABG: decision-making based on conventional or multi-slice Computed Tomography Angiography: SYNTAX III Revolution
  • SYNTAX III methodology
  • Closing remarks - Takeaways - Introduction to Part 2
  • Enhanced angiographic guidance to facilitate complex PCI in a patient with left main and multivessel disease
  • Introducing remarks
  • LAA closure procedure: multi-modality approach from device selection to implantation
  • Introducing remarks
  • Closing remarks - Takeaways
  • Session evaluation and key learnings