Complications of mitral edge-to-edge repair

Session comprising selected PCR London Valves 2017 clinical case submissions

Facilitators: D. Muller, J.J. Popma


Consult this session from PCR London Valves 2017 including in particular cases on acute embolisation, cardiogenic shock, mitral valve chordal entrapment, and percutaneous mitral valve repair in patient with pectus exavatum.

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Acute embolisation of MitraClip rescued by snaring
  • Cardiogenic shock treated with MitraClip
  • Mitral valve chordal entrapment: spaghetti technique for percutaneous mitral repair
  • Percutaneous mitral valve repair in a patient with pectus excavatum: would you lose your bearings?
  • Late failure after optimal MitraClip implantation