Coronary physiology - novel concepts and novel techniques

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2017 abstract submissions

Chairperson: O. Varenne

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  • Prognostic value of FFR, measured after DES implantation
  • What can intracoronary pressure measurements tell us about flow reserve? Pressure-bounded coronary flow reserve (CFR) and example application to th...
  • Change in angiogram-derived management strategy of patients with chest pain when some FFR data are available: how consistent is the effect?
  • Explanation of post-procedural FFR below 0.85: a comprehensive ultrasound analysis of the FFR search registry
  • A novel way of performing FFR using a first-in-man dedicated intracoronary adenosine infusion microcatheter
  • Why hyperaemic (FFR) and resting (PdPa/iFR) indices sometimes disagree and why disagreement need not be disconcerting
  • Online angiography-based FFR assessment during coronary catheterisation
  • Coronary sinus reducer implantation for the treatment of chronic refractory angina: a single-centre experience