EAPCI General Assembly

Free access to all EuroPCR 2017 participants

Chairpersons: A. Baumbach, M. Haude


Consult this session on the EAPCI General Assembly held in Paris during EuroPCR 2017.

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Vote of the new mission statement for the association
  • EAPCI membership
  • EuroIntervention
  • Website and Communication Committee
  • Education and Training Committee
  • EAPCI Training and Research grants programme
  • Databases and Registries Committee
  • Scientific Documents and Initiatives Committee
  • EAPCI@ESC Congress 2017
  • Stent - Save A Life Initiative
  • Valve for Life Initiative
  • EAPCI Budget
  • New Initiatives for Young Interventionalists Committee
  • EAPCI Women Committee
  • Nurses and Allied Professionals in Interventional Cardiology Committee
  • National Societies and International Affairs Committee