Egypt and Saudi Arabia share their most educational cases: challenging strategies in left main or prior CABG

With the collaboration of the Egyptian Society of Cardiology and the Saudi Arabian Cardiac Interventional Society (SACIS)

Chairpersons: K. Al Faraidy, S. Shaheen

Learning Objectives

  • To learn how to manage a patient with cardiogenic shock and left main total occlusion
  • To understand how to manage a young female presenting with STEMI
  • To learn how to perform difficult left internal mammary artery PCI and how to manage complications

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Case 1: primary PCI in the setting of acute anterior and inferior STEMI with cardiogenic shock
  • Case 2: tactical strategies for challenging internal mammary percutaneous intervention
  • Case 3: a complex left main PCI in the setting of disastrous intrapartum STEMI. Thrombus, dissection, no-reflow and perforation. Multiple complicat...
  • Case 4: driving on steep hills and descending slopes, difficulty in left internal mammary artery intervention
  • Case 5: distal left main bifurcation stenosis in NSTEMI setting
  • Case 6: skirt and pantaloon stenting technique for the left main