Fantom: performance gains and clinical data for a next-generation BRS

Sponsored by REVA Medical

Chairpersons: A. Abizaid, J. Brachmann

Learning Objectives

  • To gain insight into the technical performance of the Fantom BRS
  • To see current clinical data from the Fantom BRS and Reva's global clinical trial programme
  • To learn about the use of the Fantom scaffold in complex clinical cases

Presentations available when logged in:

  • FANTOM II trial: 12-month clinical results from the Fantom sirolimus-eluting BRS
  • Performance and healing patterns after implantation of a novel sirolimus eluting BRS: nine-month follow-up by OCT in the FANTOM II study
  • Studies beyond CE-mark: Fantom in AMI
  • Studies beyond CE-mark: Fantom in long lesions
  • Expanding the use of the Fantom BRS in worldwide markets: REVA's global clinical trial programme
  • Session evaluation and key learnings