Finland and Sweden share their most educational cases: left main disease: the ultimate diagnostic and therapeutic challenge in interventional cardiology

With the collaboration of the Working Group of Interventional Cardiology of the Finnish Cardiac Society and the Swedish Working Group on PCI and Valve Interventions

Chairpersons: M. Niemela, N. Witt

Learning Objectives

  • To illustrate the specific diagnostic challenges related to left main disease as compared to other locations in the coronary circulation
  • To discuss the pros and cons of different techniques when treating bifurcation lesions in distal left main
  • To highlight important clinical aspects related to left main intervention, such as pharmacological approaches and circulatory support in hemodynamically unstable patients

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Case 1: does every left main stenting need intravascular imaging?
  • Case 2: distal left main lesion assessed by both physiologic and anatomic imaging
  • Case 3: plaque modification in left main PCI
  • Case 4: primary PCI in a STEMI patient with subtotal occlusion of the left main and need for circulatory support
  • Case 5: distal left main disease with complex anatomy
  • Case 6: culotte stenting of distal left main in a high-risk patient
  • Session evaluation and key learnings