First-in-man studies in tricuspid intervention and myocardial protection

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2017 CV Pipeline submissions

Chairpersons: C. Lotan, H. Treede

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  • Transcatheter treatment of severe tricuspid regurgitation with the edge-to-edge MitraClip technique
  • Pre-clinical experience with new percutaneous tricuspid valve repair system
  • Caval Valve Implantation (CAVI) as interventional treatment option for severe tricuspid regurgitation - results from the CAVI-TricValve-Registry
  • First-in-man experience of a novel TTVR in a patient with severe tricuspid valve regurgitation
  • Reinventing the heart valve: bioabsorbable valves enabling cardiovascular restoration
  • First-in-man application of selective intracoronary hypothermia in acute myocardial infarction. The SINTAMI trial
  • Cardioprotection using post-conditioning with lactate-enriched blood in STEMI patients