Impact of implantation technique on BRS outcomes

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2017 abstract submissions

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  • Low rates of Absorb BRS thrombosis beyond 12 months in patients treated with aggressive pre- and post-dilatation using highly non-compliant balloons
  • Predilation sizing post-dilation BRS implant in real-world population and complex lesion settings: the REABSORBS registry
  • Pre-dilation, Sizing and Post-dilation (PSP) score for evaluating adverse cardiac events in patients undergoing everolimus-eluting BRS implantation...
  • Long-term clinical results of bioresorbable Absorb scaffolds using the PSP-technique
  • Clinical outcomes after BRS implantation with optimisation strategy; insights from Milan experience
  • Differences in the pathophysiology of early versus late scaffold failure
  • Is PCI with BRS more time and resource consuming than with DES? Preliminary results from an international multicentre registry (CAPITAL trial)
  • BRS for complex coronary lesions: learning from cases and multicentre registry in Taiwan