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Management of coronary aneurysm

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2017 clinical case submissions

Chairperson: E. Grube
Panellists: A. Lafont, M.S. Mourali

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Double stenting technique for successfully closure of coronary aneurysm in Behçet's disease
  • Reconstruction of right coronary artery with two giant aneurysms in series using three overlapped covered stents.
  • A clinical case of percutaneous treatment of giant coronary aneurysm
  • A huge coronary artery aneurysm. A management dilemma!
  • An inhospitable environment
  • Successful PCI treatment of a large aneurysmatic proximal left anterior descending artery with self-expanding stent
  • Coronary aneurysm after stenting following radiotherapy