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NIC and CSI@EuroPCR: uncommon complications of PCI

With the collaboration of the Indian National Interventional Council and the Cardiological Society of India (NIC and CSI)

Chairpersons: N.N. Khanna, C.K. Naber
Panellists: A. Banerjee, U. Kaul

Learning Objectives

  • To know about uncommon complications of PCI
  • To know about incidence and management of stent/scaffold fractures and late stent/scaffold thrombosis
  • To discuss strategies of PCI in presence of diffuse coronary artery disease typically found in diabetics and South East Asians

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Stent/scaffold fractures
  • Late stent/scaffold thrombosis after PCI
  • Post stent aneurysm
  • PCI in long and diffuse lesion