Session comprising selected AsiaPCR/SingLIVE 2017 Clinical Cases submissions

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  • Multivessel PCI by combo technique - first case in Bangladesh
  • The art of thrombus management in primary PCI
  • Transradial primary PCI in anomalous right coronary artery with Judkins right catheter
  • Target lesion failure at 2 years after BRS implantation
  • How to treat an in-stent restenosis in a bifurcation previously treated with "mini crushing" technique that was not finished with the kissing-balloon?
  • IVUS-guided rota stenting of in-stent restenosis of left anterior descending and double-kissing crush stenting of left main coronary artery bifurca...
  • Two cases of iatrogenic aorto-coronary dissection - successful bailout with IVUS-guided PCI
  • Pseudo-aneurysm after DES implantation