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Percutaneous mitral valve repair - early and long-term outcomes

Session comprising selected PCR London Valves 2017 abstract submissions

Chairpersons: M. Buch, S. Kar
Panellists: G. D'Ancona, P. Denti


Consult this session on percutaneous mitral valve repair outcomes including a selection of PCR London Valves 2017 abstracts presented by T. Benito-Gonzàlez, D. Braun, A. Duncan, A. Gackowski, B. Prendergast and A. Vahanian.

Presentations available when logged in:

  • 30-day outcomes from a pre-market study of a transcatheter mitral valve repair system
  • Procedural to three year outcomes of transcatheter annular reduction therapy for functional mitral regurgitation
  • Multicentre trial results of the transcatheter mitral valve repair system for functional mitral regurgitation
  • Beating-heart ePTFE preformed knot MVR improves size and shape of mitral annulus
  • Impact on clinical outcomes of intraprocedural left atrial pressure monitoring during percutaneous edge­-to­-edge mitral valve repair
  • Single-centre transcatheter mitral valve repair for severe mitral regurgitation using the harpoon device: periprocedural imaging guidance and 30-Da...
  • Cardiac biomarkers in patients with mitral regurgitation undergoing percutaneous edge-­to-­edge mitral valve repair: insights from soluble ST2
  • Percutaneous edge-to-edge repair of recurrent severe mitral regurgitation after surgical mitral valve repair