Planned and ongoing clinical trials on valvular intervention

With the collaboration of Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF), Cardialysis and the European Cardiovascular Research Institute (ECRI), Cardiovascular European Research Center (CERC) and genae

Chairpersons: R. Beyar, U. Kaul

Learning Objectives

  • To be updated on planned or ongoing clinical trials that may change our future practice
  • To gain in depth understanding of trial design and execution
  • To learn about upcoming milestones for trial recruitment, analysis and presentation plan

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • A randomized comparison of the ACURATE-Neo and Evolut R self-expanding prostheses for TAVI: the SCOPE 2 trial
  • TAVR UNLOAD trial - TAVR to unload the left ventricle in patients with advanced heart failure: a randomised controlled trial
  • Design considerations in functional mitral regurgitation trials
  • The SCOUT II trial: European study to evaluate the Mitralign tricuspid valve annuloplasty system (PTVAS) for symptomatic chronic functional tricusp...