Radial access: advances in procedural techniques

Session comprising selected EuroPCR 2017 abstract submissions

Chairperson: B. Honton


Consult this session on radial access: advances in procedural techniques if you want to learn more about the pedictors of spasm during transradial PCI.

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Predictors of spasm during transradial PCI - Should we routinely administer prophylaxis for everyone?
  • To heparin or not to heparin? - That is the radial question
  • Perfusion of the hand is preserved by the palmar arches during radial access
  • Comparison of a contemporary intravascular vascular closure devices with manual compression in 3,018 patients undergoing transfemoral coronary angi...
  • Effects of methods used to achieve hemostasis following percutaneous coronary procedures: a systematic review
  • Acute and chronic effects analysis of transradial coronary intervention on the radial artery by OCT
  • Retrograde recanalisation of radial artery occlusion in patients with need for repeated wrist procedures