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Tricuspid regurgitation: surgical and transcatheter treatment options

Chairpersons: S. Bolling, N. Piazza
Panellists: T. Feldman, G. Nickenig

Learning Objectives

  • To learn more about tricuspid valve anatomy and the prognostic importance of tricuspid regurgitation
  • To appreciate current surgical and percutaneous treatment options for functional tricuspid regurgitation
  • To fully understand which patients will benefit from treatment and the advantages of earlier intervention

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Anatomy of the tricuspid valve and implications for percutaneous treatment
  • Natural history and prognostic importance of functional tricuspid regurgitation
  • A standardised approach for imaging the tricuspid valve
  • Surgical approaches in functional tricuspid regurgitation: indications, techniques and outcomes, and the case for earlier intervention
  • Percutaneous treatment alternatives
  • Session evaluation and key learnings