Getting out of complications - what would you have done?

Session comprising selected AsiaPCR/SingLIVE 2018 Clinical Cases submissions

Chairpersons: K.L. Leow, S.C. Ng


What would you have done in case of massive dissection in RCA caused by diagnostic catheter? How to retrieve a dislodged stent during PCI in a STEMI patient?  Learn from this serie of cases how to manage potential complications related to stenting.

Presentations available when logged in:

  • The potential hazard of a non-slip element balloon leading to stent deformation
  • How to rescue a right coronary artery-CTO lesion with recent false lumen-implanted stents
  • Case of massive dissection in right coronary artery induced by diagnostic catheter
  • Successful management of dislodged stents during PCI in patient with STEMI