Innovation for improving patient outcomes - Focus on healing, short DAPT and risk reduction

Sponsored by Boston Scientific

Chairpersons: S.T. Lim, O. Varenne
React@PCR Moderator: V. Luk

Learning Objectives

  • To learn more about why stent platform matters
  • To learn more about Synergy stent's performance in patients over 75-year old with a shortened DAPT regime, in a randomised clinical trial setting vs. BMS
  • To learn more about the real world data of Watchman in Asian population

Presentations available when logged in:

  • Session objectives
  • Watchman LAAC data in perspective and the Asia real world experience
  • Why does the customized design of Synergy bioabsorbable-polymer stent give you better healing and increased treatment options for complex lesions?
  • Elderly patients and shortened DAPT - What does SENIOR study tell us?